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Senior Leadership

Lynn Moaney

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Moaney is the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ms. Moaney leads the Chief Financial Office in “all financial management activities relating to the programs and operations of the agency.” She has responsibility for the National Finance Center (NFC) which is a Center of Excellence and a Human Resources Center of Excellence for the Federal Government. Ms. Moaney serves as the comptroller for the USDA Working Capital Fund (WCF) and Shared Cost programs (SCPs) which includes formulating the $1B WCF budget and $33M SCP budget annually.

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Ms. Moaney has direct management of approximately 1,300 of employees located at the Washington D.C headquarters and National Finance Center in New Orleans, LA, Fort Worth, TX, and Kansas City, MO. The USDA is one of the largest civilian agencies in the federal government with over 100,000 employees and over one-third of the non-taxable debt. The financial organization of the agency accounts for over $150 billion in program level funds and over $100 billion in loans. These programs support the areas of forestry and firefighting, farm commodity, food safety, agriculture development, foreign agriculture trade, domestic and foreign nutrition services, rural development, and agriculture research.

Ms. Moaney has over 30 years developing and maintaining financial standards at the USDA as the Deputy CFO and prior to that, the Associate CFO for Financial Policy and Planning (ACFO-FPP) and other Federal organizations. She has a proven record of leading organizational initiatives which includes the implementation of financial and administrative systems, budget formulation and execution, acquisitions, audit, risk management, shared services, policy development and financial operations support.



Wesley B. Swanzy, Chief of Staff to the USDA Chief Financial Officer

Chief of Staff to the USDA Chief Financial Officer

Wesley B. Swanzy is a Biden-Harris Political Appointee serving as the Chief of Staff to the Chief Financial Officer at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In this role, he provides invaluable guidance and support to the Agriculture Secretary and Senior Officials on matters pertaining to financial management, systems, control, accounting, and training.

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With a vast enterprise encompassing over 100,000 employees, 14,000 offices and field locations, $208 billion in assets, and $143 billion in annual spending, the Chief Financial Officer's responsibilities are immense. Mr. Swanzy takes on the crucial responsibility of ensuring effective and efficient execution of the Agriculture Secretary's priorities throughout the department's operations.

With a career spanning over a decade, Mr. Swanzy has excelled in diverse fields such as national security, defense, and banking. Prior to joining the Biden-Harris Administration, he worked as a Financial Professional at UBS Financial Services, specializing in Hedge Fund Business Management and Risk.

Mr. Swanzy's experience also extends to his military service. As a former active-duty Air Force Finance Officer and current Reservist, he has spent more than ten years leading Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors in various regions, including South Korea, the Middle East, and the Pentagon. During his active duty, he served as the Executive Officer to the Director of Budget Investment, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller. Currently holding the rank of Major in the Reserve, Mr. Swanzy serves as a Congressional Liaison under the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Budget and Appropriations Liaison, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller at the Pentagon.

Mr. Swanzy possesses a strong educational background, holding a B.S. in International Relations and Leadership from Troy University, as well as an M.B.A. in Finance and Management from Columbia University Business School.



Eric D. Still, Associate Chief Financial Officer of Financial Policy and Planning, OCFO

Associate Chief Financial Officer of Financial Policy and Planning

Eric D. Still is the Associate Chief Financial Officer of Financial Policy and Planning (ACFO-FPP) within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).  Eric joins the team as a trusted executive advisor and leader, with an eclectic financial background accumulating 33 years of successful professional experience in private and government finance, treasury management and accounting. Advance knowledge covers accounting, financial management, internal controls, reporting, and implementing accountability measures, budget formulation and execution, and leadership of complex, sensitive programs. Mr. Still will oversee the Department’s Working Capital Fund, Budget, Travel Management, Cash Management, Financial Policy, and Enterprise Risk Management.

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Prior to this appointment, Eric held the position as Associate Deputy CFO and Deputy Director of Financial Operations (FO) for the Office of Financial Management (OFM), under the Office of the Secretary (OS) for the Department of the Interior (DOI). As the Deputy Director of OFM/FO, Mr. Still provided guidance and direction over day-to-day planning, operations and financial accounting services of the Departmental Offices Financial Division (DOF), Financial Reporting Division (FRD), Financial Policy (FP), Financial Systems and Data Analytics Division (FSDA) and Internal Control and Audit Follow-up (ICAF).

Mr. Still served in key Leadership positions with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as Acting, Associate Chief Financial Officer-Financial Services and provided daily leadership over Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) $1.1 trillion trust fund program and $1.7 billion revolving fund program and operations. He also served as Chief, Financial Reporting and Analysis and led the transfer of the $1.3 billion National Background Investigation Bureau (NBIB) program to the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA), a component of the Department of the Defense (DoD). Before these leadership positions, Mr. Still managed in other capacities, including Chief, Funds Management Branch I with the Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Known as a trusted senior-level advisor who can get things done, Mr. Still has led many projects and implemented several new business processes to streamline and perform more efficient in the private and government sector. He recognizes the importance of accountability, transparency, and measurable reporting is the key to a successful business operation.

Mr. Still is a product of Norfolk State University and majored in Accounting and Business Administration. His pursuit to play in the National Football League created opportunities with the Washington Redskins, Toronto Argonauts, and Washington Marauders-Professional Spring Football League in 1992.



Monica M. Lear, Ph.D.

Director of the Office of Customer and Employee Experience

Monica Lear, Ph.D. is the Director of the Office of Customer and Employee Experience within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer where she is responsible for strengthening Employee and Customer Satisfaction through sustainable initiatives supporting the mission of USDA.

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Dr. Lear previously served as the Research Station Director at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fort Collins, Colorado for the USDA Forest Service where she was responsible for the management of Forest Service research covering the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. She also previously served as the Associate Deputy Chief in Forest Service Research and Development in Washington, D.C.; Director of Forest Health Protection in State, Private and Tribal Forestry in USDA Forest Service; Deputy Associate Director and District of Columbia State Forester at the District of Columbia Department of Transportation Urban Forestry Administration; and as Assistant Director, Horticulture and Quarantine programs at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has earned Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Plant Health and a B.S. in Horticulture from Louisiana State University.



Dr Lance Raymond

Associate Chief Financial Officer for Shared Services

Dr. Lance Raymond is the Associate Chief Financial Officer for Shared Services (ACFO-SS). Dr. Raymond provides executive leadership and vision to manage and implement corporate financial management, preparation of USDA’s consolidated financial statements, financial reports, DATA Act compliance reporting, financial systems security and compliance with internal and external mandates. In addition, Dr. Raymond provides leadership and direction for budget and finance, procurement, resource management, human capital management, COOP, and Emergency Preparedness.

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Dr. Raymond is the former Director for Financial Management Services (FMS) where he spearheaded the transition of a SAP-based core financial system transition from the current Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) to the FMMI Intelligent Enterprise Transformation (FIET). Once implemented, FIET will provide enterprise financial system solutions and services including financial management reporting, grants management, and operational services for USDA agencies. FMS serves 29 agencies and has a staff of approximately 300 employees. FMS is located in New Orleans, LA.

Prior to joining USDA in June 2020, Dr. Raymond was the Deputy Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), responsible for the budget and execution of $9.4 billion supporting Ballistic Missile Defense programs including the Aegis Sea-Based Weapon system, Ground Based Mid-Course Defense System, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and Sensors, Command, and Control. Prior to MDA, Dr. Raymond spent 14 years with the United States Marine Corps both as a civilian and as an active-duty financial management officer. His last role with the USMC was as the Director Resource Management / Comptroller for the USMC Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA) at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Dr. Raymond holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and sociology from the University of Arkansas, an MBA from National University, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Raymond is a certified Defense Acquisition Business Financial Manager (BFM) Level III and a certified DOD Financial Manager (FM) Level III.



Michael J. Jackson, National Finance Center Director

National Finance Center Director

Michael J. Jackson is the Director of the National Finance Center. Mr. Jackson holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a master’s degree in social work, both from the Southern University System. Michael has over 26 years of federal experience which began in 1996 as a GS-4 clerk in the Human Resources Department at the New Orleans Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center. After graduating with his master’s degree, he served as an outpatient social worker, helping transition combat veterans back to civilian life. He also served in the Human Resources Department at the VA as an employee relations specialist. Subsequently, he was promoted to the position of customer service coordinator for the VA’s Surgery Department.

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In 2006, he accepted a position with USDA’s National Finance Center (NFC) as an employee relations specialist. During his tenure in the NFC Human Resources office, he served as the labor relations/Agency representative and Office of Worker’s Compensation specialist.

Eventually he was promoted to the position of budget and administrative specialist within NFC’s Administrative Management Staff (AMS). While in AMS, he served as the facilities supervisor, continuity of operations coordinator, and ultimately, as the AMS Chief. In the AMS Chief role, he was responsible for the management of the NFC’s operating budget (in excess of 100 million dollars), and he oversaw various multimillion-dollar projects.

In 2017, during the aftermath of a devastating tornado that destroyed NFC’s permanent building, he served as NFC’s Deputy Director (January 2017, through September 2017). During one of NFC’s most trying times, he was the leader of NFC’s deployment and reconstitution efforts, ensuring that NFC was able to continue addressing employees’ needs, meeting USDA’s and NFC’s mission, while still fulfilling customers’ obligations.

January 2018 saw Michael move to the OCFO level, as a senior program manager. While in this role, he was designated as OCFO’s Continuity Coordinator, and he was the initial manager of OCFO’s response to the pandemic. He was also charged with establishing a new human resources organization that serviced over 600 employees of the Financial Management and Pegasys Financial Service organizations. For over a year he also served concurrently as the Chief of Staff to the Acting NFC Director.

He received the 2022 Assistant Secretary for Administration Award, is a 2017 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, and has received numerous awards for contributions advancing OCFO’s and USDA’s mission.

Michael is champion for mentoring and has had a direct and positive impact on numerous employees’ careers. He is an avid fisherman, a true jazz aficionado, and a dedicated Saints fan.




Angelique Dyer, the Deputy Director of the National Finance Center

National Finance Center Deputy Director

Angelique Dyer is the Deputy Director of the National Finance Center. Ms. Dyer is responsible for all day-to-day operations, which includes payroll and HR processing, technology services, budget, procurement, Continuity of Operations (COOP), audit, facilities management, and administrative services. She provides leadership and direction to over 500 employees that provide services to over 600,000 Federal employees, representing over 175 Federal organizations.

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Prior to her current position, Angelique has served as the Director of Financial Management Services’ Customer Services Division and Senior Advisor to the Acting NFC Director. Angelique has also held positions of Chief of the Customer Support Branch and as the Risk Management Officer in the Controller Operations Division; in charge of all continuity of operations planning and security-related activities. She has served for many years as an instructor for USDA in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Information Center and the Application Systems Divisions’ Conversion and Training Team. Angelique has held a multitude of other positions at the National Finance Center, where her career began as a manager with the Thrift Savings Plan Division.

Angelique has been instrumental in the development, implementation, and deployment of many USDA systems utilized by the Department requiring extensive knowledge of Federal regulations, system policies, procedures, and practices. Angelique specializes in and leads many process improvement and system modernization initiatives within USDA. Her extensive leadership and background in COOP and emergency preparedness activities has garnered her recognition as one of Louisiana’s Top 15 Businesswomen.

Angelique is a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, and an honor graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, a certificate from the American Intercontinental University, a graduate of the American University’s School of Public Affairs, Key Executive Leadership Program, a graduate of OPM’s Federal Executive Institute, and a certified SAP associate with 30 plus years of Federal Service.



Tracy Koolick, Director, NFC GESD

National Finance Center Government Employee Services Division (GESD) Director

Tracy Koolick is the Director of the Government Employee Services Division (GESD) in the National Finance Center (NFC). Ms. Koolick is responsible for daily business performance of payroll and accounting operations, mainframe and web applications, customer service, program management and government insurance and collection. She provides leadership to an organization of over 500 employees, delivering services to more than 600,000 employees in 170+ Federal agencies.

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With over 25 years of experience, Tracy has spent her career building coalitions with executive-level stakeholders to create and execute successful transitions for complex, ground-breaking Human Resources, Acquisition, and IT system rollouts in scientific, regulatory, and professional organizations. She has revolutionized strategic programs at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS), VA, FEMA, and the Department of Commerce, delivering streamlined management and cultural transformation of programs exceeding 15K personnel and budgets up to $12B.

Prior to her current position, Tracy served as the Director of Change Management and Communications for Enterprise Services (ES), the shared services organization within Commerce. During her six-year tenure, Ms. Koolick not only managed large scale organizational change for ES service transitions, but also provided change management services to bureaus within the Department such as NOAA and EDA for their own staffing management and grants management modernization efforts. Notably, Ms. Koolick assisted DOC with implementation of the Grants Enterprise Management Solution (GEMS) Program, harmonizing grants programs across the Department into one integrated process and technology solution.

Ms. Koolick earned a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Finance and Marketing from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Public Administration from American University. Additionally, she holds a PROSCI Change Management Certification and has participated in extensive course work and training for Customer Experience (CX) and Human-Centered Design.

Fun facts you will not see on Tracy’s LinkedIn profile: She is Mom to three adult children, a Grandma (her grandsons call her ‘Honey’), and a New England Patriots Fan (which was more fun when Tom Brady was QB).



Director of the Financial Management Services