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InterTribal Technical Assistance Network

Through a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Tribal Relations and the Intertribal Agriculture Council, the Intertribal Technical Assistance Network (ITAN) was established to increase access and use of USDA programs and services by Indian producers and Tribes.

ITAN supports USDA in delivering programs and services through technical assistance and outreach to farmers and ranchers with a focus on providing local and traditional foods to American Indian/Alaskan Native tribal members and improving the market access both domestically and around the world for tribally produced foods.

The Network supports farmers and ranchers across the United States, potentially benefitting over 55 million acres of reservation lands and the communities located on those lands:

2022 USDA Tribal Youth Resource Guide (PDF, 850 KB)

The USDA Tribal Youth Guide seeks to help Native youth learn about some of the USDA programs and resources that are available to them. Native youth and organizations working with them are welcome to contact the USDA Office of Tribal Relations for more information on any of these tools. An overview of USDA resources is also available in the USDA Tribal Resource Guide posted on the Office of Tribal Relations website.

Educational Opportunities and Resources

Scholarships for Native American Students: Learn about Financial Aid, Advocacy Groups and Tribal Colleges

Housing Programs and Resources

2016 USDA Resource Guide for American Indians & Alaska Natives (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Housing Support Programs Across the Federal Government (PDF, 693 KB)


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