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Humble Beginnings to Homeownership

Posted by Charron Culp, Public Information Officer, Tennessee in Equity Rural
Jun 10, 2021
Gloria Gonzalez, Francisco Sanchez, and their daughter enjoy getting settled into their new home in Loudon County, Tennessee

Gloria Gonzalez has humble beginnings in Mexico where, as a child, she lived in a home made by her grandmother out of river rocks and mud. The dream of living in a safe, sturdy home wouldn’t become reality until moving to the United States.

Gloria, and her husband Francisco Sanchez immigrated to the United States more than four years ago and arrived in Loudon County, Tennessee. The couple rented a manufactured home that was in desperate need of repairs. Gloria and their young daughter struggle with asthma, and living in the rented home exacerbated numerous breathing problems. Francisco knew he had to do something to provide better living conditions for his wife and their daughter. Finally, an answer to their prayers was within reach.

In 2019, Francisco and Gloria began their homebuying process with the Loudon County Habitat for Humanity, who packaged their home loan application through a partnership with the Knoxville, Tennessee office of USDA Rural Development. “We are delighted and overjoyed that we’re going to be able to purchase a newly built home,” said Gloria.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a roadblock that impacted construction and completion took much longer than expected, but Francisco and Gloria didn’t let that dampen their joy. Fast forward to 2021: Their faith unwavering, Francisco and Gloria closed on their new dream home in May. "Owning a home is something we never believed possible," Francisco said. "The first thing we will do after moving, is look to heaven and praise God for his blessings."

As we celebrate Homeownership Month, this story is a great reminder that USDA Rural Development strives to make homeownership a reality year-round. Like Gloria, Francisco, and their daughter - families across the nation are getting to spend Homeownership Month as homeowners for the very first time.

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