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FAS Highlights Climate-Smart Ag to South American Visitors

Posted by Zane Evans, Public Affairs Specialist, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service in Trade
Oct 17, 2023
People standing in a half circle in a wheat field on Bobby Hutchison’s farm chatting about the Hutchison family’s work in conservatory farming

Last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service hosted a delegation of government and private sector representatives from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay who traveled to the Washington, D.C., area to learn about sustainable, climate-smart agricultural practices being implemented in the United States.

The delegation was introduced to USDA’s newly launched International Climate Hub and other sustainability-focused programs and initiatives, and had a chance to see a variety of agricultural conservation practices in a real-world setting at the Hutchison Brothers Farm in Talbot County, MD. They also visited the University of Maryland’s Wye Research and Education Center on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to learn about how research and innovation are leading to more sustainable and resilient food systems.

People in a delegation from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay stand in a barn and sit front of bags of cover crop seed while listening to Bobby Hutchison discuss conservation efforts on his 130-year-old family farm

The South American visitors were especially interested in learning more about climate-smart agricultural practices, based on what they have experienced in their own countries. Cristian Feldkamp, executive director of the Argentine farm organization, CREA, noted, “In the past five years we started seeing maize seasons changing, forcing the farmers to adapt their corn production practices.”

USDA plays a critical role in fostering international collaboration on climate change and other challenges facing agriculture worldwide. Through international partnerships and coalitions, FAS and other USDA agencies encourage the adoption of science-based policies and innovative approaches that will sustainably increase agricultural productivity and facilitate trade to feed a growing global population.

Farmer Bobby Hutchison standing in a wheat field, surveying his climate-smart, conservation-focused crops and discusses his farming success with members of a delegation from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay

To learn more, read FAS Highlights Climate-Smart Ag to South American Visitors | USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

Members of a South America delegation circle around and discuss of the practices they learned about at Hutchison Brothers Farm
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