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Historical Wasde Report Data

Note to Users:  The files below contain data as it was reported and appeared at the time of publication in each World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report from April 2010 to current.   While every effort is made to ensure this dataset is consistent with the WASDE publication, the individual publications remain the official data of record.

These data do not include subsequent revisions to estimates made to any underlying data series after each report was released and thus reflect the evolution of estimates over time as new information developed and record the supply and demand conditions as they were believed to exist at the time each report was released. Since these files do not include subsequent revisions based on new information that can surface after the WASDE has been published—including, for example, revisions to official statistics released by foreign governments for seasons prior to those reported in the WASDE—the data in these files are not to be considered current official statistics of the U.S. Government. 

The official supply and demand data series incorporating all historical revisions for periods prior to those reported in the latest WASDE is maintained at the Foreign Agricultural Service’s Production, Supply and Demand (PS&D) data portal available on the FAS PS&D data.

2023 (Last Updated on 09/13/2023)
January 2023 (CSV, 961 KB) February 2023 (CSV, 966 KB) March 2023 (CSV, 950 KB)
April 2023 (CSV, 950 KB) May 2023 (CSV, 935 KB) June 2023 (CSV, 941 KB)
July 2023 (CSV, 954 KB) August 2023 (CSV, 965 KB) September 2023 (CSV, 982 KB)


2022 (Last Updated on 12/12/2022)
January 2022 (CSV, 962 KB) February 2022 (CSV, 968 KB) March 2022 (CSV, 951 KB)
April 2022 (CSV, 951 KB) May 2022 (CSV, 931 KB) June 2022 (CSV, 936 KB)
July 2022 (CSV, 945 KB) August 2022 (CSV, 956 KB) September 2022 (CSV, 972 KB)
October 2022 (CSV, 966 KB) November 2022 (CSV, 972 KB) December 2022 (CSV, 972 KB)


2021 (Last Updated on 12/10/2021)
January 2021 (CSV, 759 KB) February 2021 (CSV, 764 KB) March 2021 (CSV, 748 KB)
April 2021 (CSV, 748 KB) May 2021 (CSV, 932 KB) June 2021 (CSV, 937 KB)
July 2021 (CSV, 946 KB) August 2021 (CSV, 957 KB) September 2021 (CSV, 973 KB)
October 2021 (CSV, 967 KB) November 2021 (CSV, 777 KB) December 2021 (CSV, 973 KB)


2010 - 2020 (Last Updated on 5/13/2021)
April 2010 to December 2015 (ZIP, 2.6 MB) January 2016 to December 2020 (ZIP, 2.3 MB)