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Accessible Communications

The TARGET Center is pleased to announce the addition of a new service program to the portfolio of services provided to USDA employees with disabilities and service providers. The Accessible Communications Program integrates a variety of assistive technology tools, training programs related to accessible communications, and technical assistance to enable all USDA program managers, employees and service providers to effectively engage with approximately 8,000 USDA employees with disabilities nationwide.

Site assessments of accessible communication are scheduled for the following locations to enable USDA programs to effectively engage with both USDA employees and visitors with disabilities:

  • AFCU Bank
  • Ag Promenade Stores
  • GWCC Cafeteria and Security
  • OCIO IT Support Service
  • Security at Leased Facilities in the National Capital Region
  • U.S. Post Office in the South Building

Nancy Frohman
Accessible Communications Program Manager

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More About ACP

The Accessible Communications Program provides you with a diverse range of impactful services onsite and remotely:

  • Assessments
  • Communication solutions
  • Training and resources
  • Interpreting services support
  • Alternative formats
  • Technical assistance
  • Response within one business day

How to empower yourself with accessible communication resources that will benefit
you positively:

  • Enhance universal access.
  • Understand how to communicate effectively.
  • Improve employment engagements.
  • Increase customer services satisfaction.

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