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Personalize Your Plate for National Nutrition Month

Posted by Staff, National Agricultural Library in Research and Science
Mar 01, 2021
A collage of a pregnant woman, a dad/kid and an older man
Eat healthy at every age and life stage using resources from Photo credit: Adobe Stock

Happy National Nutrition Month®! No matter what your age or life stage, has resources to help you personalize your plate with healthy choices. Build a healthy diet that meets your unique needs and preferences with these three tips:

  1. Know how your nutrition needs change over time. Eat healthy at every life stage with’s Nutrition by Age resources. Find resources for eating during pregnancy, feeding an infant, cooking for young children or teens, taking steps for healthy aging, and more. You and your loved ones can meet nutritional needs to help you feel your best during every stage of life.
  2. Incorporate cultural foods and customs. Traditional foods, flavors, and cuisines offer a variety of healthy choices. Learn how to prepare them in healthful ways with recipes and tips on our Culture and Food page.
  3. Choose the right eating plan for your health. Our Healthy Eating page provides basic resources to help you get started. Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider for suggestions on what diet changes would be helpful for maintaining health and preventing disease.

Did you know? also has a variety of healthy recipes to meet your personal preferences. You can discover even more resources to help you on your healthy eating journey by following us on Twitter or signing up for our Food and Nutrition Updates e-newsletter.

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