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Partnership to Protect Public from Illegal Seed Packages

00:00:59.846   2021-02-22   
The Agriculture Department and e-commerce sites are working together to prevent illegal shipment of seeds to consumers. (Rod Bain and APHIS Deputy Administrator Osama El Lissy)

Actuality: Clarifying E-Commerce Rules on Plant and Seed Package Shipments

00:00:58.409   2021-02-22   
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Deputy Administrator Osama El-Lissy discusses recent clarifications made on requirements of plant materials and seeds to be imported in or exported out of our nation via e-commerce.

1890 Land Grants Universities and Ag Innovation Efforts

00:01:00.107   2021-02-22   
Research at 1890 land grant university facilities is a key part of advancing ag innovation ... both now and into the future. (Rod Bain. National Institute of Food and Agriculture Director Carrie Castille. Jason Oliver of Tennessee State University)

USDA/NIFA Support of 1890 Land Grant Research Efforts

00:01:00.473   2021-02-22   
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture offers several funding programs to encourage continued ag research and innovation development at 1890's land grant universities. (Rod Bain and NIFA Director Carrie Castille)

Actuality: Examples of 1890 Land Grant Ag and Food Innovations

00:01:00.395   2021-02-22   
National Institute of Food and Agriculture Director Carrie Castille offers examples of ag and food-based research and innovation taking place at 1890's land grant universities.

Keep a Close Rein on Pets in Cold Weather

00:00:54.804   2021-02-22   
Reports of lost dogs go up in the winter--all the more reason to keep them on a leash when walking them. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Autumn Unk, USDA veterinarian)

Some Tips for Cold Weather Puppy Care

00:00:59.742   2021-02-22   
A veterinarian has some cold weather tips for new owners of puppies. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Autumn Unk)

Actuality: Keep Pet Cats Inside When It's Severely Cold Outside

00:00:27.010   2021-02-22   
Dr. Autumn Unk, USDA Veterinarian, says cats can be seriously hurt from exposure to very cold temperatures or from seeking warmth under the hoods of cars.

USDA is Seeking Voluntary Climate-Smart Efforts

00:00:59.898   2021-02-19   
USDA is seeking voluntary climate-smart efforts that will benefit the agricultural and forestry communities. (Stephanie Ho and Robert Bonnie, USDA's Senior Advisor for Climate)

New USDA Leadership to Build on Civilian Conservation Corps

00:00:59.924   2021-02-19   
USDA's new leadership has plans to build on the Civilian Conservation Corps, to help fight climate change. (Stephanie Ho and Robert Bonnie, USDA's Senior Advisor for Climate)

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