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Actuality: Barry and Rising Water Levels

00:00:26.514   2019-07-11   
USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says heavy rains from incoming Tropical Storm Barry could add to already high river and stream levels in the lower Mississippi River Basin - levels caused by runoff from heavy rains and flooding in the nation's mid-section earlier this year.

Few Surprises in USDA Crop Reports

00:00:52.767   2019-07-11   
Here are some highlights from Thursday's round of USDA reports. (Gary Crawford)

What's Up or Down in this Month's USDA Crop Report?

00:01:00.003   2019-07-11   
This month's crop production report focuses on crops such as wheat, tobacco and citrus. (Stephanie Ho and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

One Possible Reason for Surprise End of June Acreage Report

00:00:59.951   2019-07-11   
There may have been an economic reason behind last month's unanticipated acreage report. (Stephanie Ho; World Ag Outlook Board Chair, Seth Meyer; USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

Actuality: USDA Uses the Most Recent Numbers for its Crop Reports

00:00:39.131   2019-07-11   
World Ag Outlook Board Chair, Seth Meyer, explains how survey numbers are used -- with a special look at how the recent crop acreage report differed from the June WASDE.

Food Prices Drop in June

00:00:59.794   2019-07-11   
Food shoppers got a little bit of a price break last month. (Gary Crawford and Gianna Short)

A Look at Dairy Margin Coverage Enrollment to Date

00:00:59.402   2019-07-11   
What are some of the takeaways as the new Dairy Margin Coverage safety net program approaches its first month of implementation? (Rod Bain and Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce)

Barry's Believed Path and Potential Impacts

00:01:00.107   2019-07-10   
A tropical storm system developing the next few days could make landfall along parts of the Gulf Coast by early weekend. (Rod Bain and USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Barry's Possible Path and Impacts

00:01:00.316   2019-07-10   
USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey discusses where a developing named tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico could be headed, and some of problems it could cause when it hits landfall.

Scientific Work Continues on Next Edition of Dietary Guidelines

00:00:58.357   2019-07-10   
A panel of nutrition researchers is hard at work developing an advisory report that will help shape the next edition of the government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans. (Gary Crawford, Carol Boushey and Eve Stoody)

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