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Returning Ag Secretary Has Deeper Appreciation for Trade

00:00:59.977   2021-02-26   
The Secretary of Agriculture returns to USDA with a deeper appreciation for the importance of trade. (Stephanie Ho and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Returning Ag Secretary Points to New USDA Challenges

00:00:59.977   2021-02-26   
The returning Secretary of Agriculture says USDA faces new challenges that are different from his previous time at the agency. (Stephanie Ho and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Vilsack Hitting the Ground Running as Ag. Secretary

00:01:00.107   2021-02-26   
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is hitting the ground running. (Gary Crawford, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Jerry Reed)

Ag. Trade Seen as Helping Smooth "Rocky" U.S./China Relations

00:00:59.062   2021-02-26   
Agricultural trade is being viewed as a smoothing and calming factor in what some call "rocky" relations between the U.S. and China. (Gary Crawford. Bryan Lohmar with U.S. Grains Council and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Ways to Build Up Ag Export Trade

00:01:00.264   2021-02-26   
The Agriculture Secretary notes deepening presence, partnership and understanding in new and existing export markets is essential in boosting ag trade opportunities. (Rod Bain and Secretary Tom Vilsack)

A Look at How Farm Product Prices Behaved in January

00:00:57.887   2021-02-26   
USDA's farm product price index report for January shows higher farm level prices than a year ago for most products, but with a few exceptions. (Gary Crawford)

Trend of Fewer U.S. Farms Continues

00:00:53.237   2021-02-26   
The number of farms in this country is continuing its downward slope. (Gary Crawford)

Technology in Third Party Verification of Food Claims

00:01:00.447   2021-02-26   
Third party verifiers have increased reliance on innovation to collect the data they need to inform consumers and producers about the origins and types of food products. (Rod Bain and Doug Stanton)

Actuality: Tech in Third Party Food Claim Verification During COVID-19

00:00:37.773   2021-02-26   
Doug Stanton of Where Food Comes From discusses how auditors have increased their use of technology to conduct food claim verification during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vilsack Sworn In as 32nd Agriculture Secretary

00:01:00.238   2021-02-25   
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