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USDA Holding Events in Iowa and Nebraska to Recruit New Food Inspectors

00:00:59.297   2019-07-18   
If you are looking for an entry level government position in the food safety field, there are plenty of jobs available. (Gary Crawford and Carmen Rottenberg) **broadcasters--dates for the Storm Lake, Iowa recruitment event are July 23-25. For Grand Island, Neb. Aug. 6-8--**

USDA Wants to Make Borrowing Money Less Intimidating

00:00:59.533   2019-07-18   
USDA is seeking to make the process of borrowing money less intimidating to farmers and ranchers. (Stephanie Ho and FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce)

California Virulent Newcastle Disease Outbreak May Finally Be Finished

00:01:00.055   2019-07-18   
California poultry and egg producers are hoping that the outbreaks of Virulent Newcastle disease have come to an end. We've had five straight weeks with no new detections. (Gary Crawford and David Will)

Is El Nino on its Last Legs?

00:01:00.107   2019-07-18   
If El Nino is on its last legs, what does that mean for the summer growing season? (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

Adding Forage and Silage to the Harvest

00:00:58.958   2019-07-18   
Custom harvesters are not just bringing in the grain crops these days, are more are harvesting forage and silage crops for their customers across the country. (Rod Bain and Raph Jolliffe of U.S. Custom Harvesters)

Need Help Finding the Right USDA Farm Loan?

00:00:59.506   2019-07-17   
If you need help finding the right USDA farm loan, USDA has a new online tool for you. (Stephanie Ho and FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce)

What Different Types of USDA Farm Loans Are Available?

00:00:59.794   2019-07-17   
What different types of USDA farm loans are available? (Stephanie Ho and FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce)

Actuality: Farmer Input Essential for Farm Loan Discovery Tool

00:00:37.825   2019-07-17   
Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce says farmer input was an essential part of developing the Farm Loan Discovery Tool.

Actuality: USDA Sees Yearly Increase in Direct Farm Ownership Loans

00:00:27.898   2019-07-17   
Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce says there has been an increase in the amount his agency has obligated for direct farm ownership loans.

USDA Forecasts Slight Year Over Year Uptick in Meat Production

00:01:00.003   2019-07-17   
USDA forecasts higher meat production, especially in pork. (Stephanie Ho; USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson; Outgoing World Ag Outlook Board Chair Seth Meyer)

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