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Actuality: Only One Major Food Group Saw Price Declines Last Year

00:00:47.882   2021-02-18   
Carolyn Chelius, USDA economist, explaining to the virtual USDA Outlook Forum why fresh fruit was the only food category that saw a price decline last year.

Data Revelations Regarding Cover Crops

00:00:59.663   2021-02-18   
A first of its kind study by the Agriculture Department looks at cover crop trends and use across the country. (Rod Bain and Steve Wallander of the Economic Research Service)

Actuality: Cover Crop Study and Data Building

00:00:56.241   2021-02-18   
USDA researcher, Steve Wallander, discusses how a recent study on cover crops can assist in building nationwide data sets on this subject.

Actuality: Trends in Cover Crops

00:00:49.293   2021-02-18   
Steve Wallander of the Economic Research Service discusses some of the trends discovered in a recent USDA study on cover crops.

Actuality: Connecting Cover Crops and Conservation Practices

00:00:30.615   2021-02-18   
USDA researcher, Steve Wallander, discusses some of the findings of a recent study on cover crops and some connections to other conservation practices.

FSA Programs Available in Wake of Arctic Outbreak

00:00:59.715   2021-02-17   
Disaster assistance programs through the Farm Service Agency are available for livestock producers and other growers impacted by the current arctic outbreak. (Rod Bain and Acting Administrator Steve Peterson)

USDA Has Help for Animals Impacted by Severe Cold

00:00:58.200   2021-02-17   
USDA is ready to help animals -- whether pets or livestock -- that are suffering impacts of the severe cold weather. (Stephanie Ho and Brad Rippey, USDA meteorologist)

Documentation for FSA Livestock Disaster Programs

00:01:00.003   2021-02-17   
Livestock producers impacted by the recent arctic outbreak will need appropriate documentation of losses to apply for USDA Farm Service Agency disaster programs. (Rod Bain and FSA Acting Administrator Steve Peterson)

Actuality: Arctic Outbreak and FSA Disaster Programs

00:00:59.715   2021-02-17   
Farm Service Agency Acting Administrator Steve Peterson discusses two programs available to assist livestock producers impacted by the recent arctic outbreak over parts of the nation.

The Dairy Story for 2021--More Milk/Lower Prices/Higher Feed Costs

00:01:00.107   2021-02-17   
Dairy producers who did not sign up for the Margin Protection Coverage program may be second-guessing that decision after seeing USDA's new dairy forecasts. (Gary Crawford and Mark Jekanowski, USDA Outlook Board Chairman)

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