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How Solid Is the New Haying/Grazing Date for Prevented Planted Acres?

00:00:59.951   2019-07-05   
Some farmers are wondering if USDA might move its new September first haying and grazing date for prevented planting acres even earlier and if an earlier date might become a permanent thing. (Gary Crawford, Keith Gray and Under Sec'y Bill Northey)

Piloting New Programs to Curb Feral Swine Populations

00:00:59.768   2019-07-05   
A joint USDA effort is trying out pilot programs in states impacted by the effects of significant feral swine populations. (Rod Bain and Dale Nolte of APHIS-Wildlife Services)

Farmers Prevented from Planting May Get a Bit of Help from Disaster Bill

00:01:00.029   2019-07-03   
The new disaster bill may offer a bit of help to farmers who have been prevented from planting this spring. (Gary Crawford and Under Sec'y Bill Northey)

Challenges Facing Industrial Hemp Industry Going Forward

00:01:00.081   2019-07-03   
The Agriculture Secretary this week spoke about various regulatory, financial, and transportation challenges facing the new, and growing, industrial hemp industry. (Rod Bain and Secretary Sonny Perdue)

Actuality: Challenges in Advancing Hemp Industry

00:01:00.395   2019-07-03   
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue discusses some of the challenges expressed by industrial hemp producers in Kentucky recently related to growing this newly legalized crop into a full-fledged industry.

Drier Weather Leads to Topsoil Moisture Surplus Decline

00:00:59.951   2019-07-03   
Topsoil moisture surpluses are down, overall. (Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

U.S. Pastures Remain Mostly in Good Shape

00:00:58.801   2019-07-03   
Pastures in the United States remain mostly in good shape. (Stephanie Ho and USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey)

Actuality: Few Pockets of Drought in the Country

00:00:30.093   2019-07-03   
USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, lists the states that have notable shortages of topsoil moisture.

Actuality: National Weather Outlook for Jul 9 - 15

00:00:33.071   2019-07-03   
USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey, has the National Weather Service outlook for the middle of July.

July Fourth-a Big Day for the Nation, but a Big Day for Food Poisoning

00:01:00.055   2019-07-03   
The Fourth of July produces more cases of food poisoning that any other day of the year, but figuring out what made you sick may not be as easy as you think. (Gary Crawford and Janell Goodwin) ***The Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 1-888-MPHOTLINE.***

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