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Actuality: Importance in Submitting OTI Applications

00:00:45.871   2024-02-12   
Natural Resources Conservation Service National Organic Specialist Lindsey Haines explains why producers interested in the Organic Transition Initiative should apply at local offices regardless of state deadlines.

Government Payments to Farmers Will Fall for 4th Year in a Row

00:00:55.510   2024-02-09   
USDA is forecasting a fourth year in a row of falling direct government payments to farmers. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

Actuality: One Reason Farm Safety Net Payments Will Decline This Year

00:00:26.904   2024-02-09   
USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer with one reason that farm safety net program payments this year will be less than 2023.

New Support for State Based Plant Pest and Disease Protection

00:01:00.316   2024-02-09   
Over 370 projects across U.S states and territories are funded as part of a USDA program focused on plant pest and disease defense. (Rod Bain and Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Jenny Moffitt)

Actuality: PPA Section 7721 and Plant Pest and Disease Prevention

00:00:37.198   2024-02-09   
Samantha Simon of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service discusses a USDA program designed to support state efforts in plant pest and disease prevention.

Actuality: Examples of PPA Section 7721 Funded Projects

00:00:55.640   2024-02-09   
Samantha Simon of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service shares recent funding recipients of Plant Protection Act Section 7721 projects to illustrate the scope of efforts in plant pest and disease prevention.

U.S. Ag. Export Values and Import Values Both Declined in Calendar 2023

00:00:57.182   2024-02-09   
A new report says U.S. agricultural export values and import values both declined in Calendar Year 2023. (Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Bart Kenner)

Actuality: Some High Value Products Made Export Gains in 2023

00:00:32.417   2024-02-09   
Bart Kenner, USDA economist, with a list of some U.S. high value products which saw exports increasing in Calendar 2023.

Actuality: Exports of Most Bulk Commodities Fell in Calendar 2023.

00:00:27.872   2024-02-09   
Bart Kenner, USDA economist, reviewing 2023 exports of four bulk commodities. (Total bulk commodity exports went down 23% in 2023)

Brazil and February Global Soybean Outlook

00:01:00.264   2024-02-09   
Brazilian production is the highlight of USDA’s latest look at world soybean production and balance sheets. (Rod Bain and World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski)

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