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Discussing Hot Topics in Agriculture

00:01:00.264   2021-02-19   
A panel of farm organization leaders and two former Deputy Agriculture Secretaries converged at this year's Ag Outlook Forum to talk about some of the current key issues in the farm sector. (Rod Bain. Former Deputy Secretaries Chuck Connor and Krysta Harden. American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall. National Farmers Union President Rob Larew.)

Severe Cold Dangerous for People and for Pets

00:01:00.107   2021-02-19   
Severe cold such as much of the country has been having, is not just dangerous to us, but also to our pets. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Autumn Unk, USDA veterinarian)

Protect Your Pet from Possible Toxic De-Icers

00:00:55.666   2021-02-19   
Besides protecting our pets from severe cold temperatures, we need to protect our pets from another offshoot of winter weather. (Gary Crawford and Dr. Autumn Unk, USDA veterinarian)

Actuality: Fresh Water Vital to Pets in Severe Winter Weather

00:00:22.883   2021-02-19   
Dr. Autumn UnK, USDA veterinarian, says pet owners should make sure their pets have access to fresh water during severe winter weather.

Latest Status of USDA's Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

00:00:59.977   2021-02-18   
What is happening with USDA's Coronavirus Food Assistance Program?(Stephanie Ho and Seth Meyer, USDA Chief Economist)

Actuality: USDA's Chief Economist Sees Continuing Pandemic Disruptions

00:00:28.369   2021-02-18   
Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of USDA's annual Agricultural Outlook Forum, Chief Economist Seth Meyer says he still sees some disruptions for the ag sector due to the pandemic.

Weather in One Important Factor Influencing Agriculture

00:00:59.977   2021-02-18   
What is one of the biggest wildcards when it comes to agricultural production? (Stephanie Ho and Seth Meyer, USDA Chief Economist)

A Huge Ag. Export Year is Shaping Up.

00:00:53.969   2021-02-18   
The new USDA trade forecast has some huge export numbers. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

Farm Income Projected Down in 2021

00:01:00.264   2021-02-18   
A drop in government payments to farmers will cause a drop in overall farm sector income this year. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

USDA Projects Record Combined Corn/Soybean Acreage this Spring

00:00:52.610   2021-02-18   
Lots of factors point to lots of planted acres of corn and soybeans this spring. (Gary Crawford and USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer)

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