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What Are Some Things USDA Can Do to Promote Racial Equity?

00:00:59.977   2021-02-19   
What are some things USDA can do, internally, to promote racial equity?(Stephanie Ho and Oscar Gonzalez, USDA Assistant Secretary for Administration)

Racial Equity in Rural Areas is Linked to Poverty

00:00:59.977   2021-02-19   
Alleviating poverty and addressing hunger in rural America can help lead to advances in racial equity. (Stephanie Ho and Sara Bleich, USDA Senior Advisor on COVID-19)

USDA Helps People with Nutrition Assistance Programs

00:00:59.977   2021-02-19   
USDA has a variety of programs that offer nutrition assistance to Americans. (Stephanie Ho and Sara Bleich, USDA Senior Advisor on COVID-19)

USDA Combats COVID-19, Especially in Rural Areas

00:00:59.977   2021-02-19   
USDA is helping with federal government efforts to fight COVID-19, especially in hard-hit rural areas. (Stephanie Ho and Sara Bleich, USDA Senior Advisor on COVID-19)

Consumption Grows for World Cotton

00:00:59.559   2021-02-19   
Consumer demand is expected to continue strong for cotton across the globe in the new marketing year, but how will that impact the supply and demand balance sheet? (Rod Bain and USDA economist Stephen MacDonald)

Lower Ending Stocks in U.S. Cotton Balance Sheet

00:01:00.290   2021-02-19   
What factors are pointing to lower ending stocks for our nation's cotton supplies in the 2021-22 marketing year? (Rod Bain and economist Stephen MacDonald)

Farm Economy--"Pretty Solid"

00:00:54.256   2021-02-19   
In what kind of financial shape is the U.S. farm economy? (Gary Crawford and Carrie Litkowski, USDA economist)

2021 Could be Big for Grain Acreage and a "Banner" Year for Exports

00:01:00.238   2021-02-19   
This year could bring large plantings of grain crops and could be a big year for exports. (Gary Crawford and Justin Choe, USDA economist)

Livestock and Poultry Industry Rebounds from Blows Struck by Covid-19

00:00:59.193   2021-02-19   
The U.S. meat and poultry industry has made a remarkable recovery from Covid-19 disruptions. (Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Seanicaa Herron)

A Diverse Coalition Addressing Climate Smart Ag

00:01:00.107   2021-02-19   
Bringing forth advancements in climate smart agriculture is the goal of an organization bringing farm, food and environmental entities together. (Rod Bain. National Council for Farmer Cooperatives CEO Chuck Conner. Rob Larew of the National Farmers Union. Zippy Duvall of the American Farm Bureau Federation.)

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