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00:00:54.935   2019-07-12   
USDA's global cotton production forecast is up slightly from last month. (Stephanie Ho; USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson; WAOB Chair Seth Meyer)

More Census of Agriculture Reports Coming Soon

00:01:00.238   2019-07-12   
Between now and year's end, USDA will release more specified reports from 2017 Census of Agriculture data. (Rod Bain and Joe Parsons of the National Agricultural Statistics Service)

USDA Soybean Production Forecast Down, Globally and Domestically

00:01:00.029   2019-07-12   
Soybean production prospects are down, both globally and domestically. (Stephanie Ho and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

Actuality: Soybean to Corn Price Ratio

00:00:50.128   2019-07-12   
USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson has the latest on the soybean to corn price ratio.

Actuality: Trimmed Soybean Carry Out Stocks Forecast "Still a Big Number"

00:00:47.804   2019-07-12   
World Ag Outlook Board Chair Seth Meyer says although USDA has lowered its forecast for soybean ending stocks, that amount is still "a big number".

Planted Acreage Report Deadline Extended in Twelve States

00:00:59.480   2019-07-11   
Producers in twelve states encountering delays in planting spring crops will have a one week extension to report their planted acreage. (Rod Bain and Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce)

Actuality: Crop Acreage Reporting and USDA Program Eligibility

00:00:36.179   2019-07-11   
Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce explains the significance for producers in reporting their crop acreage to maintain eligibility for offerings from conservation programs to crop insurance.

Actuality: Barry and Rising Water Levels

00:00:26.514   2019-07-11   
USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says heavy rains from incoming Tropical Storm Barry could add to already high river and stream levels in the lower Mississippi River Basin - levels caused by runoff from heavy rains and flooding in the nation's mid-section earlier this year.

Few Surprises in USDA Crop Reports

00:00:52.767   2019-07-11   
Here are some highlights from Thursday's round of USDA reports. (Gary Crawford)

What's Up or Down in this Month's USDA Crop Report?

00:01:00.003   2019-07-11   
This month's crop production report focuses on crops such as wheat, tobacco and citrus. (Stephanie Ho and USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson)

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