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Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Assessment Program

USDA’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Assessment Program, managed by OCE, maintains state-of-the-science metrics of greenhouse gas sources and sinks from lands and links these metrics to Department-wide efforts to mitigate climate change.  

The Program works closely with agencies across the Department and other Federal agencies to improve data collection. These data are used to monitor and track those carbon sequestration and emissions trends through the Program, ensuring that the latest climate-smart agriculture and forestry practices are included in greenhouse gas estimates.

The Program provides timely reports and analyses to establish methodologies and support decision-making, including analyzing and forecasting greenhouse gas emissions from the land sectors and assessing the mitigation potential of actions.     

USDA supports a variety of efforts and tools to quantify GHG emissions from agriculture and forestry, and the potential for GHG mitigation through conservation practices and carbon sequestration. USDA regularly releases an inventory of agriculture and forestry emissions and also supports the EPA’s annual GHG inventory.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) invites public comment on the 2023 update to Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Agriculture and Forestry: Methods for EntityScale Inventory, Technical Bulletin Number 1939, Office of the Chief Economist, USDA, Washington, DC. Comments received under this notice will be used to further refine the update to this report in preparation for publication as a USDA Technical Bulletin. Comments submitted will help USDA to ensure the new and updated quantification methods reflect the state of the science.

Interested parties should visit to access the updated report and to provide feedback.

Tools and Methods

  • COMET-Farm
    COMET-Farm is an interactive online tool to estimate whole-farm, ranch, and forestry emissions and mitigation options.
  • Forest Management for Carbon Benefits
    This module of the Climate Change Resource Center provides resources, including topic overviews, tools, videos and short-courses, on carbon management in forests and grasslands.