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Note: Each Mission Area/Agency has their own processes and procedures for obtaining and submitting documentation pertaining to a request for a Reasonable Accommodation or Personal Assistance Services. For forms specific to a Mission Area/Agency, contact the respective Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator (RAC) or visit their website for details. Additionally, employees should provide medical documentation to the RAC only.

An employee or applicant may be asked to complete the following forms to assist in the process and for record keeping purposes:

  • AD Form 1163, Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation
  • Disabled Parking Permit (HQ Complex only)*
  • Limited Release of Medical Documentation*
  • Medical Documentation Request Form*
  • Medical Checklist* (completed by an appropriate medical or healthcare professional) or submit medical documentation from the medical or healthcare professional that addresses only the disability or medical condition related to the reasonable accommodation. Since this may vary by Mission Area/Agency, the employee/applicant should contact the Mission Area/Agency or Staff Office RAC.
  • SF-256, Self-Identification of Disability (PDF, 63 KB)

* These documents can be obtained from your Mission Area/Agency or Staff Office RAC.

[Hyperlinks will be provided when forms are given AD-numbers and uploaded.]