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The RPA Program provides governance and policy to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in bot development to approve business process automation and streamline the development process for the USDA through the RPA Service Management Office (SMO).

RPA Benefits

  • Offers decision makers reasonable cost-effective alternatives
  • Automates transactional tasks
  • Frees staff to work on application modernization
  • Helps gain efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Can reduce labor costs in many scenarios, where there is a good fit
  • Can reduce redundancies and eliminate human errors
  • Code development is simple and quick
  • Opportunities for code reuse

Getting Started

Once your department has determined a process(es) for automation, contact the USDA RPA Service Management Office: The SMO will notify the Business Analyst and mission area Business Relation Manager (BRM) assigned to your agency to get the process started.