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Rural Development Innovation Center

Share your ideas to improve program delivery in your town.

What can USDA do differently to serve your rural community?

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The Rural Development Innovation Center is hard-wired into USDA’s customer-driven approach in helping communities achieve prosperity across rural America. The Center applies cutting-edge techniques to provide innovative products and services to its rural customers.

The Center works to improve prosperity for rural communities through its three divisions: Partnerships, Data Analytics and Regulations Management.

Learn more about the Center’s three divisions and the innovative resources they have created to help rural customers thrive.

Initiatives to Support Rural America

The Innovation Center is supporting the following initiatives to help bring prosperity to rural America.

A rural street with a woman walking her dog

OneRD Guarantee Loan Initiative

USDA is removing unnecessary regulations to increase private investment in rural businesses and rural economic development projects and to improve customer service within four key guaranteed loan programs. Sign up for updates!

A town near a lake

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones bring long-term investments to low-income communities, creating economic activity and jobs. Rural Development has five programs that offer priority points to fiscal year 2020 applications for projects located in Opportunity Zones.

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Rural Economic Development Innovation (REDI)

REDI provides free technical assistance for up to two years to help rural towns and regions create and implement economic development plans.

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Best Practices

The Innovation Center supports a forward-focused agency that is able to supply local leaders with new and fresh solutions. One method the Center uses to accomplish this goal is to identify best practices that highlight new approaches in program delivery to be replicated in communities throughout rural America.

Three best practices that can be replicated in your town:

A woman standing in a field with a tower in the background

Expanding Broadband Service in Rural Areas

USDA encourages tribal communities to learn more about the ReConnect Program to determine how it can help address broadband infrastructure needs.

Two people discussing a project plan

Technical Assistance Makes USDA’s Water Infrastructure Application Process Easier

Technical assistance providers can help your community better understand the USDA application process from start to finish.

Deli Espresso building

Critical Infrastructure Supports Next Generation of Tribal Leaders in Central Oregon

Every child born in the Warm Springs Reservation will benefit from e-Connectivity access, a high-quality education and expanded opportunity.

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