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Breakfast on the Farm

Posted by Michael Greene, USDA RMA Risk Management Specialist in Farming
Jul 12, 2022
Facing a crowd of visitors, Amber Rhode, a specialist at the St. Paul Regional Office of the USDA Risk Management Agency, gives a tour at Blaser Farms

On a beautiful day, the Blaser Family welcomes visitors to their dairy farm in Oconto County, Wisconsin. They are hosting a “Breakfast on the Farm” event, where visitors enjoy eggs and pancakes. Tractors pull trailers touring this 1800-acre property, showcasing crops and cows.

Amber Rhode, a Crop Insurance specialist at USDA, is a tour guide today. She worked for the Blasers in her youth.

“I am proud to be part of an agency that supports agriculture,” she explains. “I hope my love of farming helps me deliver crop insurance that effectively protects the future of agriculture.”

These “Breakfast on the Farm” events are organized by county groups that help consumers understand the importance of dairy.

The Blasers' workforce consists of several family members and employees. The farm milks 600 cows, producing 57,000 pounds of milk daily.

Each cow’s health and comfort are a priority. They have plenty of bedding, fans, misting sprinklers, mechanical brushes to scratch, and enjoy a healthy diet.

Another important tool for their operation is crop insurance for the farm as a business safety net.

“Crop insurance has been useful, especially for years when winter kills crops like alfalfa,” Josh Blaser says. “It really helps prevent disaster.”

This event gives the family a platform to showcase their care for their animals and educate the public.

“We want people to see what we do and why we love doing it,” Roger Blaser explains. “To connect with the farm and where their food comes from.”

“Farmers want to share what they do and can just talk about farming for hours,” Trisha Blaser adds. “And they want consumers to have a true understanding of how food is produced.”

If you’re interested in attending a “Breakfast on the Farm” event in Wisconsin, visit the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin website for information.

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