2020 Release Dates (12:00pm ET)

Jan. 10, Feb. 11, Mar. 10, Apr. 9, May. 12, Jun. 11, Jul. 10, Aug. 12, Sep. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 10, and Dec. 10

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Note to users:
Previously, corrections to the WASDE report were reposted to the OCE and Cornell’s MANN Library websites under the same file name. However, starting in January 2020, if the WASDE report is reposted to correct an error in the tables or text, the file name (for all four file formats) will be changed to reflect that there is a new version, and an errata statement will be included in the file and posted on the OCE website to describe the change. For example, the name of the December 2019 WASDE is “wasde1219.xxx” If a revision were necessary, the corrected file would be posted as “wasde1219v2.xxx” If another revision was necessary, the next file would be posted as “wasde1219v3.xxx,”etc.

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Interactive charts and highlights of the most recent WASDE projections will be published each month by the Economic Research Service the day after the WASDE’s release. See https://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/farm-economy/commodity-outlook/wasde-projections-at-a-glance/

Consistent with established practices, this report only considers those trade actions which are in place or have had formal announcement of effective dates as of the time of publication.  Further, unless a formal end date is specified, this report also assumes such actions are in place throughout the time period covered by these forecasts.

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