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Where Am I in the Process


RPA Development Process




Request for Automation

All requestors will contact their Mission Area Business Relationship Manager (BRM) to complete Part A of the Combined Intake Form to be assessed by the USDA SMO Governance Board as an initial request for automation

  • Captures the opportunity
  • Explains USDA RPA process


Evaluation and Prioritization

Requestors complete and Intake form (Parts A and Part B); SMO Leadership Team completes evaluation and provides estimated LOE, prioritization, and estimated costs to SMO Executive Committee for vote to proceed

  • Documents process key elements
  • Identifies reuse opportunities, captures ROI estimates

**Note: RFQ, LOE between customer and development team of choice


Agreement to Proceed

Upon approval SMO Governance Board provides estimated LOE, prioritization, and estimated costs to requestor for agreement to proceed

  • Agreement to proceed
  • Cost and LOE estimates


SMO Process Definition

SMO Development Team performs detailed process walkthrough

  • Detailed process capture used to determine design
  • Formal agreement on outcomes

Regular Checkpoint with SMO


SMO Development

SMO Development Team builds the automation

  • RPA solution is created
  • Technical Implementation preparation

Customer Development


SMO Reviews and Testing

Customer/Requestor performs user acceptance test (UAT)

  • Internal testing
  • Technical implementation preparation

Regular Checkpoint with SMO


Development, Validation, and Code

SMO deploys automation to Dev, Pre-Prod, and Quality Reviewer validates code

  • Code Review
  • Move to Pre-Prod and Validate

Customer deploys their automation to Dev, Pre-Prod and validates code


Production and Validation

Automation is deployed to production by the SMO Development Team

  • Move to production
  • Finalize all documentation

Customer deploys their automation to production


Operation and Maintenance

Automation is monitored by the USDA SMO Governance Board

  • Transfer to O&M
  • Track ROI

Customers manage their automations following SMO standards